Monday, May 4, 2009

Minyan Land

MinyanLand, a virtual community designed to teach kids and families about earning, spending, saving and giving through games and interaction that are entertaining and educational.

The world was conceived by Minyanville, a leader in financial infotainment and home to the icons of Wall Street and finance, "Hoofy" the Bull and "Boo" the Bear. Joining the effort is the Council for Economic Education, the nation's leader in economic and financial literacy.

MinyanLand as a platform to entertain and educate a young generation so they understand the concept of a market and the basics of economics and finance on a real-world level. The economic system of MinyanLand mimics the real-life pricing of general goods and services. As players participate in the system, their actions will affect the overall MinyanLand economy. This is how they will learn. MinyandLand is best suited to kids in grades 3-5 but can be used by all ages.

MinyanLand will also offer incentives to encourage such behavior as charitable giving.

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